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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – Buy Our House And We’ll Throw In The Kids!

623310_501_19 Since this one is mine, I left the MLS # here in the caption just  to prove it if  someone want's to do some historical researchJust for the sake of full disclosure, I realized that in the “people in the picture” folder were several children. Then I remembered that a couple of years ago, I uploaded a similar one on my listings. I was thinking at the time it was “kind of cute”.


Now that I’m joking about what we’re being shown in MLS photos, I don’t think it’s cute anymore. So the first picture is MINE from 2006 from a condo out in slumberlin.


Mommy, why's that man taking pictures of the paper towels?The other 2 were just hanging out in the folder waiting for their turn.


There’s usually a caption hidden in the pictures. You can roll your mouse onto the picture to find them.

And a reminder, once again, that all photos at VVV are clickable thumbnails that allow you to expand the picture to study the details.


Mr. Wilson would be really mad if he found that Dennis from next door was on his property again.

And BTW, a mushroom cloud hanging over the house gives a nice 50’s vintage touch to this classic 60’s tract ranch.








The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURES AT ALL!

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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – How To Stage And Decorate A Vacant Home Without Spending A Fortune

771171_501_12I just got a giggle out of these two. Nothing earth shattering or truly awful. Just amusing.

I just finished flashing quickly thru a couple of hundred listings for a client. One of the criteria was to only look at property that has been on the market for over 6 months.

Here’s the search criteria I was using:,  his minimum size, (3br, over 1400sf) the  area (vintage vegas of course), older than 1970, his price range (up to 325k) and over 6 months on the market.

Results of the search? 241 homes. 107 have no pictures at all. 57 only have only one picture. 770254_201_18From those that had pictures, I saved 73 new pictures that could qualify for a “worst MLS photo” post.

Truly astounding. And truly telling. I won’t be showing him a single home tomorrow morning that has no pictures. Based on pricing, my neighborhood knowledge, and what I could tell from the pictures, I picked a dozen homes for tomorrow.

2 years ago, that same search would have only returned 2 or 3 homes. I’d have shown him them all whether they had pictures or not. I wouldn’t show 241 homes even to my mother!

The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURE AT ALL!

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