Today’s Worst MLS Photo – Indoor Photos Usually Need A Flash

665998_601_19We have a lot of fun with the different categories of awful photography and carelessness that we see in the MLS.

Once upon a time, only the agent ever saw pictures. Now, whatever goes into the MLS goes to and hundreds of other web sites.

About 80% of all home buyers and sellers now start their searches, narrow down to their favorites, and ASK to be shown “just these 5 or 6 or 10”.

Since I know there’s dozens of other agents who read this site regularly, I’m helping to spread the word that it’s practically an ethical violation to publish the kind of photos we document in this series. Yes, we have fun doing it, and our audience is amused by them, but these kinds of pictures do serious damage to a seller’s ability to sell their home.

We as agents are supposed to market the home to drive as MUCH traffic to a property as we can. Bad photos only serve to have buyers and agents dismiss the property at first glance.

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