Bill Krisel, “Mid Century Modern is not a style. It’s a language”

Yesterday, a client I’m shopping with asked me to explain Mid Century Modernism. We were looking at some of the Cinderella Ranches, because he absolutely has to have a garage. I was telling him that the Cinderella’s as well as most post-war ranch homes as we know them fall under the umbrella of modernism, though they’re not the “classic” design that we see in the work of Palmer and Krisel, who were the architects of 40,000 living units in California as well as here in Las Vegas. They designed the  neighborhood of Paradise Palms,  for Irwin Molasky.

What’s important about modernism is what Bill Krisel calls “the language” of modernism. Open living areas, walls of glass, allowing the outdoors to come in and the indoors to get out. It’s about natural light, and natural materials. It was an idea or concept of living.

We still see it manifested today in loft style living. We see it in the great room concept that you can find out in the suburbs. Unfortunately, except in the most expensive of newer homes, the lot sizes don’t give you any real outdoors, that can be allowed to come into your living space.   

Some of Bill Krisel’s remarks tell the story, as well as some of the history. This is a 2005 lecture  and slideshow he presented to a Mid Mod Conference in Palm Springs that was hosted by Dwell Magazine.

Paradise Palms is mentioned, as well as how he created the sunscreens, and textured concrete blocks that are prevelant in his work.

(UPDATE: I had a report from a reader that there was no sound when they tried. It works perfect on my computer, as hard as THAT is to believe. If you have problem, here’s the direct link )

Thanks to Zane Donaldson, one of the many Mid Century Modern Enthusiasts here in Las Vegas, for sending me this link.