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Worst MLS Photo Of The Day

There isn’t one, today. I started out to do the post, but, I just couldn’t find one that wasn’t merely a variation of a well document theme.

Oh, I’ve got thousands of bad MLS pictures stored in a folder on the computer. You’ve seen at least a dozen each of every type over the last two years. How many more sideways bathrooms do you need. Cluttered kitchens – a dime a dozen. Underexposed, almost totally black one’s – you can find them in the dark. Cherrio boxes, bud light 12 packs and other brands name products prominently displayed – I’ll show them again when they start paying me to do it.

So, I’ll bring the series back whenever I have one that’s unique and original. In the meanwhile, all you affectionados of “The Worst MLS Photo” can help out by keeping your eyes open while you search around in the MLS. On any given listing you can just click “inquire”, fill in the spaces, write “check out the kitchen” or whatever, and send. It’s easy, and I won’t be mad if you stay anonymous.

Who knows, you might even find your dream home.  


  1. Jerry Gropp Architect AIA

    Uncle Jack- I’ve just posted the below on Seattle’s RainCityGuide which I’ve acquainted you with. http://www.raincityguide.com/

    “The worst MLS Photo of the Day” is a regular feature of “Uncle Jack’s Vintage Vegas” which I often visit and sometimes comment on- mainly for this hilarious feature. As can be seen by my WebSite(s), I use digital photos a great deal.


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  2. Jerry Gropp Architect AIA

    Uncle Jack- Here’s a link to the aforementioned RainCityGuide Digital Darkroom article. Jerry