Ryan and Yanina

Hey Jack. We really appreciate you, and all your efforts in getting this deal done. We couldn't be happier. As always you are our go to guy. While this may be our forever house, I hope, we will always be looking for other deals in the future.

Sarah Nashold

Very knowledgeable about vintage homes. Jack is a great source of information especially if you are into mid-mod.

Matt and Jody Schermerhorn

Jack found our dream home in one day!!

We were looking for an MCM home in Vegas and chose Jack to help us. We were so excited but in our price range, we were worried it was out of reach. For our first meeting, we picked out a few houses we found in our price range and he had the patience to show us what we had chosen on our own. After visiting the first home on our list, he said he had a good idea of what would make us happier, and off we went to see "his pick". When we saw the neighborhood, the house, and then walked into the stunning 1960s 1-owner home, we felt like we were in the home of our dreams! He even helped us negotiate a lower price in this seller's market. We can truly say that because of Jack and over 30 years of his Vintage Vegas experience, we are the happiest we have ever been. He also made the financing a breeze. Both Jack AND our mortgage lender were at closing with us assuring every part of our home-buying experience was perfect!

Kristi Deberg

Jack has helped us buy two houses! He was very helpful in finding just the right house for us! He even put up with my craziness of wanting to drive to tons and tons of listings! We will definitely use him again whenever we are ready to sell and purchase our next house.

Justus Pang

Jack just helped us by a house Downtown. He really knows the area and has a great feel for what's available. He was patient as we were working out what we really wanted and made sure we got to see good houses that he felt fit our criteria. We had a longish search and a really, really quick close. He was invaluable in making sure all the players did their job under a really tight deadline. We really enjoyed working with him.

Kevin Kaiser

My partner and I are so happy in our home! Jack did his very best to find a house that would meet all of our needs, and we've ended up in the perfect home that exceeds all of our expectations. Uncle Jack is a celebrity!

Wolf Dogg

Jack wasted no time selling my property and kept me well informed it was a pleasure working with him as a matter of fact he will be helping me with my future home purchase Thanks Jack

Dean Delara

Jack LeVine is very knowledgeable in the downtown Real Estate market. I am an Investor that has bought and sold multiple homes from Jack. He has been a Professional at every transaction.

J. Delibos

Anyone interested in purchasing Mid-Century Modern or 'Historic Neighborhood Homes' should deal with Jack Le Vine. He is very well versed in both and would be one of the best persons to guide you in purchasing anything in either of those two categories.


Jack has been very helpful in finding 2 homes for us and completing both contracts from start to finish. All of this was done quickly and efficiently. Thanks again, Jack.

Mark and Christin

Uncle Jack is a true asset to the historic neighborhoods of Las Vegas!

He will always put you first in his search process. His limitless knowledge of the fine details of the homes is not only impressive but inspiring. His passion for the communities and people in these great neighborhoods is simply wonderful! He is available through every step of the purchase and is an honest companion through it all.

If you are looking for a home with all the character, flavor, and history that this city has to offer - Jack LeVine is the only guide you need.

Scott Stegenga

Jack is very friendly and knowledgeable about the classic neighborhoods of Las Vegas as well as the more modern ones. Very approachable and helpful even for those who are just looking.


Jack LeVine is a knowledgeable and thoughtful agent. He listens to his clients and shows homes that suit their desires. I highly recommend him for buying and selling, especially homes from the '50s & '60s in Las Vegas. I purchased my home with Jack and will look to him if/when I sell my home.


I've worked with Jack multiple times since 2009. He is the most informed local realtor concerning vintage architecture and local history and has always been a terrific advocate and adviser for me as someone who wants to restore and live in these terrific downtown properties. You will find no better realtor in Las Vegas, especially if you love the downtown! As an example - I'm currently on sabbatical in New Zealand, but looking to purchase a downtown property upon my return to Las Vegas in a few months. Jack and I talked extensively about what I'm looking for in a property, and he is already looking for a home for me, keeps me informed of every new property that might suit my preferences...and I think we just may have found the one!

Michael Savage

Jack knows real estate. Especially Mid Century Modern houses and Paradise Palms. For several years in a row, Jack has shown us properties, helped us make offers, and consulted with us. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a house in Las Vegas

Danny Fesler

We have known Jack for several years and his knowledge of the history and architecture surrounding Las Vegas is impressive. Our home was in historic Paradise Palms, a Mid-Century Modern area in the heart of Las Vegas. Jack gave us great suggestions on how to list the home. We listened. Always in constant contact with us, we were kept informed of all progress in the listing/selling of our home. From the day we listed to the day we closed escrow was 3 weeks! We couldn't have done it without Jack and his guidance.

Anders and Wendie

"Uncle Jack" has unparalleled knowledge of Las Vegas. He knows the history of neighborhoods, why they look like they do, who built them, when they were built, and very very often even knows the story of individual houses. Las Vegas has a rich history, so it's super cool to drive around and learn about all this. He's an expert in Mid-Century Modern houses, which is what we wanted, and worked with us tirelessly for months until the right one came along. He was always available, quick to respond, and definitely hooked into the local housing market. When we went to see houses, he would offer his true opinion, and unlike other realtors we worked with, he would point out all the bad things on the house as well. It felt like we had an expert with us that truly had our best interest at heart. During the purchase of our house, Jack would step in to help with negotiations with the seller, and even though he knew the other realtor personally, his interactions always felt like he did them impartially with our best interest in mind. I would definitely work with Jack again, unconditionally, and I recommend him for anyone buying a home in the Vegas area. Highly Recommended, and Thanks, Jack!


Has been exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of the Vegas community. Found him on a bunch of different websites. The first RE agent I've ever worked with that actually met my expectations. We had a very specific house and area in mind. He went above and beyond to make the deal work for us. Intelligent and easy to work with.


Jack was kind enough to show me two vintage homes I showed interest in when I drove up to one of the addresses I saw online even though I wasn't a client of his, to begin with. Jack took his time with someone who he had no obligation to, affiliation with, or prior knowledge of. This showcased his professionalism and passion for real estate. Jack has kept me abreast of negotiation matters through open communication in a timely manner, and he is very knowledgeable of the neighborhoods I'm looking to buy a home in. Jack's passion for the development of the Downtown area is evident, and he will surely continue to lend his hand in helping it thrive

Steven Dixon

There is no one better in Las Vegas .. he is a walking, talking, living, breathing real estate historian and guru. I have talked to Jack on and off since 2010 and, while I am not quite to the place of buying a home, he is always quick to return my calls and respond to emails. I would use no one else in Las Vegas.

Whitney Hahn

If you're looking for a home in Las Vegas, you should use Jack LeVine. I don't think anyone in Las Vegas could possibly have his wealth of knowledge on Las Vegas history and real estate. And if you're looking for a vintage Vegas home with character - Jack is the absolute authority on it. I contacted Jack after doing research on vintage Las Vegas real estate, and his name kept coming up as a reference in just about every local publication from the RJ to the DTLV blog. I thought this guy must be really busy and not have time for my first little FHA loan home - but as soon as I reached out to him, I got a response and he was ready to show me homes that weekend. My fiancé and I were looking for something really specific. Jack listened to us and showed us homes that were at various ranges within our budget and that were aligned with what we were looking for. He didn't look to oversell us, he looked to sell us the right home. Jack walked us through our first experience of the nail-biting process of home buying every step of the way. When you know you've found the home you want to be in forever, it's very stressful, but I knew I could rely on Jack to manage the various shifting components that are the nature of the home-buying process. I don't think that the sale could have gone through without his help in working with the seller's agent and my loan officer, and I know that we got our keys when we did thanks to his ability to manage and negotiate the process. We're going to be forever grateful to Jack for helping us purchase our family home.


All I can say about Jack is WOW. I have been a real estate broker in California since 1977 and he is probably the finest and most competent agent i have ever had the pleasure to deal with. You cannot find better than Jack.

J. Mulvey

Jack was great. He knew the area and what a unique house like ours would bring in the current market. He was very patient with us as we went through the process of getting the house ready to sell. Once it was on the market, we had a deal started after just the first weekend.

D. Steljes

Jack always represents me in a professional and detailed manner. When there were issues he dealt with them in an organized and logical order and found the appropriate resource and contact to resolve issues. As everyone is aware there are always issues when selling or buying property and they are either managed well or often result in stressful / excessively difficult problems. Jack defines the issue takes care of the details and lets you know the bottom line. I can trust Jack to do the "footwork" and make sure I have no "little surprises". Jack has been my realtor for 20+ years for purchases and sales of both commercial and residential properties. I've tried other realtors but I like his straightforward approach. I highly recommend him if you want a competent and trustworthy person to represent your best interests when it comes to real estate in Las Vegas valley.

Dave and Jenny

Jack Levine is an amazing real estate agent! He is so knowledgeable about every stage of selling and buying a house. He helped us sell our home quickly, and made the experience smooth and easy! Great communication! We couldn't be happier with his work!


I have done several transactions with Jack In recent years. He is consistently the best realtor I've ever dealt with! His knowledge of my neighborhood and responsiveness to any need is without peer. Plus I know from experience that I can trust him. That is worth more than $$$.


As both first-time and out-of-state buyers, having someone in our corner with local knowledge who was willing to hold our hand through the entire process was critical. Not only did Jack help us find a truly one-of-a-kind home in Las Vegas that no other agent could have helped source, but he was also incredibly helpful throughout the entire closing process. Jack absolutely went above and beyond the call of duty. To give one example - we couldn't move in until two weeks after closing. Two days before we arrived (unprompted) Jack went to the house and treated the pool to ensure everything was ready for our arrival. There isn't another agent in the city I would ever dream of working with.

Liz Cronkite

Jack has deep knowledge of reality in Las Vegas and provided excellent customer service. I especially appreciated being kept in the loop every step of the way. I highly recommend him.