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Free Tour Of Liberace Mansion – The Las Vegas Villa

Liberace Mansion.jpgOur good friends at the Las Vegas Villa, the former home of Liberace is in need of our help. The county is making them jump thru some hoops, and re-apply for new parking permits. To garner support, they’re asking us to contact Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid. Tell him that you support the parking permit. The flyer at the left has all the contact info. If you click on it, you’ll see it full sized.

The Las Vegas Villa is currently a private meeting facility for weddings, Bar Mitzvas, birthdays and corporate gatherings etc. Though they’re absolutely NOT affiliated with the world famous Liberace Museum on Tropicana Avenue, they do have a good working relationship.



In appreciation for our help, they’re holding a FREE OPEN HOUSE this Saturday 2/14 from noon to 8 pm. YOU MUST PARK AT UNLV’S THOMAS AND MACK PARKING lot, and walk one short block south on Shirley Street. (remember….it’s the parking situation that they need help with).

DO NOT PARK in the residential neighborhood!

Liberace was the face of Las Vegas for many many years. He’s been gone now for 20 years, and many of you new people in town don’t even know of the amazing legacy. Here’s some video to get you started.

Here’s a link to a short BBC documentary about how he came to be a star. The embedding is disabled so you’ll have to click the link to watch it. It’s under 3 minutes.

Below is a clip from his TV show.

And from a live show right here in Las Vegas:


It’s very rare for any of us to get to see the Las Vegas Villa Mansion of Liberace, unless you’re attending a function. Enjoy, and do them a favor by contacting Rory Reid to tell him you support the parking permits.

  1. ginger jenkins

    You can be assured that I will do whatever it takes to help the Liberace Mansion. I’m a big Liberace fan.

  2. ginger jenkins

    I’ll do whatever is required to preserve Liberace in Vegas.

  3. Tungsten Ramstick

    Liberace was great on the piano but he sucked on the organ

  4. Randy Sanders

    Jack, I hope you will post LOTS of pictures for us out-of-towners who would love to be there for this tremendous event. Thanks

  5. Blonde John

    Its such a shame that LasVegas has so much disreguard for its history…Lee would turn over in his grave if he could see all his stuff auctioned off and his home turned into a foreclosed mess… I remember seeing the place years ago (when he was alive) and the flower beds full of pansies…He thought that was a hoot! Maybe a movie and traveling museum will bring his name back to a prominent place in LasVegas history!