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“American Restoration” On The History Channel Needs You!

Melissa, one of the producers of the new hit show “American Restoration”, (which is filmed right here in Las Vegas)has reached out to the readers of  VeryVintageVegas…….


Do you have a unique, antique, or vintage item that you’d like restored and feature on History’s New Hit Series, American Restoration? Are you a collector of antique or vintage memorabilia looking to restore an item of yours? Is your garage packed with old appliances collecting dust because they no longer work? Are you looking to buy a restored vintage item to add to your ever-growing collection?


Pawn Star’s Restoration Expert, Rick Dale demonstrating his expertise on his own show for History, AMERICAN RESTORATION!


If you have a unique, antique, or vintage item that you’d like restored and featured on American Restoration, or you are looking to add to your collection with a restored antique, please email the producers of Leftfield Pictures at: [email protected]



    •    Name, info, condition, make & model of item


    •    PHOTO OF ITEM


Don’t Miss Out on the opportunity by having your ITEM restored by the best in the business and be featured on the History Channel!!


Email – [email protected]



  1. Steve Bergeron

    I saw the preview for the restoration of the 1950’s British motorcycle. Haven’t seen the show yet, but I’d like to offer a suggestion on freeing frozen engines. If you have the time to wait, pour automatic transmission fluid in the cylinder, the higher the detergent content the better because that’s what will loosen up the piston. Keep soaking for a few days, with the trans fluid still in the cylinder, place a wooden block, that’s slightly smaller than the piston and about 10-12 inches longer than engine stroke and tap on the wooden block with a medium sized hammer. I’ve freed V8 engines including a Ford Boss 427. It does require patience. Because of how rare and the sheer value of the 427 we kept the frozen cylinders soaking for over 6 months. If a piston is frozen at the top of the stroke simply turn the block upside down and fill it from the bottom. May sound crazy, but this works better than any kind of penatrating oil. Try it I think you be pleased. Unless you’ve already heard of this trick of the trade Good luck happy restorations!

  2. Priyadarshini Soman

    Radical! New content! You’ve clearly been working on your writing skills. Bravo 🙂 Thank you so much for the genius of well – you!