Homes For Sale In The Historic McNeil Neighborhood Of Las Vegas

One of the most popular – and certainly one of the most charming of all the Vintage Las Vegas Neighborhoods is commonly referred to just as “McNeil”. Most of the homes were built in the early 60’s but the neighborhood dates back to the late 40’s and 50’s for some of the earlier homes. Most are what we’d call a “Ranch Home” but there’s a few “Mid Mod” or “Desert Modern” homes as well. There are a few 2 story homes but mostly McNeil is a single story neighborhood.

Actually there are several separate subdivisions within McNeil, including McNeil Tract, McNeil Estates, McNeil Manor, McNeil Park as well as Mason Manor. There’s also some custom homes (not in a subdivision) along Cashman.

As  you can see in the maps below, the boundaries for McNeil are OAKEY BLVD. on the South, Charleston Blvd on the North, Rancho Drive on the east and Cashman Drive to the west.

We’ve mapped the Homes for Sale in McNeil in two different search programs. Both will work on a regular computer, so if you are on a phone or tablet – you’ll only see one of them. There are many blog post entries that I’ve made during the last 10 years that are about McNeil. You Can See Them All HERE

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