Ed & Shirley Wimet

I have to say when we decided to sell the house, I figured we would be here until after the holidays at the least. We contacted you( Jack LeVine) and you coached us on some minor things that needed to done.Even with that I always thought it would take awhile because of the way the housing market is at this time. But because of the way you projected the home it sold within a month of being listed. That is awesome and remarkable in this time. Do feel if we would of went with another real estate company we would more than likely be still waiting to sell. But because of your caring way with your clients and knowledge of what you do, we sold and are on our way to a happier and better life. Just want to say a big Thank You for all you did for us and wish you the best because you are the best at what you do.As far as we are concerned no one can compare to the level of compassion and knowledge you showed us. Always there if we needed you for anything

Edward and Shirley Wimett
Former Las vegas Residents
Thanks to you

Aaron & Yuko Miller

Dear Jack,

Yuko and I want to thank you greatly for doing so much to get our home. I wish I could have written you earlier, but a couple of days after we closed, we had a two-week business trip. Upon returning, the arrival of Yuko’s brother, the house being put together and a whole hell of a mess of things to iron out, ruled our time. The smoke has finally cleared and a thanks was in order.

Again, thank you. We will highly recommend you to our friends. Your service was unparalleled.


Aaron & Yuko Miller.