Trinity Schlottman; heading up construction for Inter-Urban Lofts here in Las Vegas has been hard at work filling a demand for modern, sleek townhomes in the downtown area. Rather than give you my opinion on them; why not take a moment to hear from some of the happy owners that have bought up his quickly disappearing inventory. (there are a few left!)

“The design is spectacular – it’s so open & bright. It is a unique canvas against which to display my eclectic furnishings, which include leather and velvet sofas & chairs, antique rugs and some Beidermeyer” – An Anesthesiologist

“We fell in love with our Townhome the second we saw it. We like the concrete floors downstairs & the wood floors upstairs. We also like the layout. It’s just what we were looking for.” – Young Professional Couple

“We loved the architecture & floor plan. Plus the location. You guys did great.” Jamie Joines

“[The house] is perfect for parties & entertaining. Many of our co-workers, friends, & acquaintances… are amazed the first time they enter, since the unusual, understated exterior gives no clues to the wide open interior. It’s fun to hear the ‘Oohs’, and ‘Aahs’, or hear them go ‘Wow!’ Many of these people have very traditional tastes in homes & decorating, yet they love the house.” Thomas & Pauline Forrister

So now that you’ve heard a bit from people already living in these communities, take a moment and

click the links below to visit the detail pages for the Urban Lofts on:

11th & Carson
Fremont & Eastern