Uncle Jack’s Pictures and Comments From the Citizens Leadership Academy

Mary did a good job yesterday (in her very first published post) describing who spoke, and what we did.
I wanted to mention a few things that I learned.

One, the Mayor is a part time job! But it seems he works like I do. They say he’s often in the office before 8, is the last one to leave, an has events and appearances almost every evening. I also learned that he loves momentos of his job as much as he loves being the “happiest mayor in the world”

Two: I have a face made for Radio. 🙁 but I loved being in front of the camera, wasn’t nervous, and sound great on the playback. And I got a real kick out of running a camera and turning all the knobs, and wearing the fancy headset which is way cooler than my bluetooth. The control panel for a TV station is more complicated than a jumbo jet. I’d have never been a good TV production “geek”.

This Saturday, I’m taking a guided tour of the Lied Animal Shelter. I sure hoping all the previous problems have been straightened out. I’ve got a lot of questions, and don’t intend to let them sugar coat anything.