Worst MLS Photo Of The Day –

Better Duck When Viewing The Kitchen - The Ceiling Panels  Have A Mind Of Their OwnIn the “clutter” folder is a sub folder just of kitchens. We all know that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. I picked this one today because the photo is bad in so many different ways. The angle of the shot, the clutter, the drop ceiling light panels, the top of the fridge, the dishes in the sink, the empty milk jugs.

There’s 47 pictures just in the cluttered kitchen sub folder.

Here’s the current top three finalists in the cluttered kitchen contest.

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Which one would compel YOU to want to see this home?

cluttered kitchen contest finalist #2Cluttered Kitchen Contest Finalist #3 - It was a great party

Cluttered Kitchen Contest Finalist #1 - Lots of counter space





The only thing worse than a bad picture is NO PICTURE AT ALL!