What Do Pipe Wrenches and Lawn Mowers And Chocolate Cake Have In Common?

PA163513The lawn mowers and wrenches are some of the tools that our Vintage Vegas Neighbors are using to help each other. Yesterday was a great example.

Mary called looking for a lawn mower to borrow because the code enforcement lady gave a warning to the 80 year old neighbor who hasn’t done anything to her lawn in a year. She hasn’t done it because she can’t.

Pam called and said another old couple in the neighborhood was going out to the street to turn the water on every time they wanted to take a shower or do the dishes. Why? Because whenever the water was on, it was gushing in the front yard from the hose bib. They don’t have any money to call a plumber.

I went there to check it out and see what could be done. It really wasn’t that hard to fix, as the leak was just a worn out washer on hose bib. I had all the tools and parts needed at home, so I just fixed it.

PA163509In talking to to the homeowner, we discovered that she had a lawn mower, and was willing to loan it to Mary so that we could get the lawn mowed at the first house.

And all that begs the question, both from a “do a good deed” point of view as well as a “how do we prop up prices” in a down market point of view.

Are you helping your neighbors? Are we adding value to our homes by adding value to our block and to our neighborhood? I did a whole post on the subject recently, called

Vacant Homes Hurting Values In Las Vegas Neighborhoods.

The other day, the RJ had a similar article, discussing the issue,

Now, the chocolate cake is a different matter. I found it on my front porch last night with an anonymous thank you note. Somehow, I think its related.