Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – Just In Case You Don’t Believe Me

This home has a corner lotWell, folks, this is a first. I’ve never had the occasion where I was compelled to use every single picture that there is for a single MLS listing. (I made the thumbnails extra small, but you can just click on ANY picture in VVV to see it full sized)

This home has  a corner lot. You can park a lot of cars at a property that’s a corner lot. You can park them on the lawn. You can park them in the street. You can park them in the drive way. You can park them in the street on the side of the house. There’s even room for a dune buggy. The agent couldn’t find a place to park, so (s)he just took the pictures from the car window. The car mirror is a tell tale give away.

Yes it is a corner lot

In case you didn't believe me the first and second timeThis is the front of the home with the corner lot





This just proves you scan squeeze a dune buggy into the picture if you have toThe neighbor doesn't have a car, so you can even park in their driveway !The only thing worse than 6 bad pictures is NO PICTURE AT ALL!