The Ottoman Mystery

PA293715We had a surprise delivery Saturday from the UPS man.  As Jack was MLS-ing away for a client, I jumped up & got the door.  It was a huge air compressor box shipped to Jack LeVine from Port Orange Florida.  The name was one neither of us recognized and after opening the box we find two beautiful vintage Ottomans.  

We scoured all of our databases to figure out who Len *last name omitted* was so we could figure out who to thank & why they sent this great gift with no note.  After having no luck in our various databases for two days, Jack resorted to calling the number listed for the person shipping them today.  She told Jack they were bought as a gift from his sister, Catherine.  Jack doesn’t have a sister named Catherine, and dug for more info as I was scratching my head trying to think of a close VeryVintageVegas friend or client named Catherine.  He was told the last name was ‘Christmas’, and I smacked my forehead remembering last week my sister had asked for my office address. (It’s hard to get any kind of UPS, Fed-EX or USPS package delivered @ L’Octaine, as it is such a secure Urban dwelling complex.)

It turns out this was an e-bay auction won and shipped from Florida as an apartment warming gift by my mother & sister!  They’ll match my low to the ground black circular chair, my round dinette set, and my low, round black stool perfectly! The middle section will also match the octagonal design of the beautiful vintage wall clock that Jack got me from Modify, as a house warming gift.    It turns out calling the E bay Seller was worth the dial for a few reasons.  We found out the Ottomans were vintage from the 60’s and came to Florida from Germany.  Either way, I’m ecstatic to have an aesthetic place to prop my feet up at the end of a long day helping Jack promote the Urban Core of Las Vegas, and helping our readers finance their Vintage Vegas home purchases!  While I was sad to see Jack’s disappointment that they weren’t for him (it was supposed to be addressed to Steve Christmas c/o Jack LeVine; I’m still overjoyed at the great vintage surprise!) Thanks mom & sis, you know me too well!

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