The Table Tale

About 5 years ago I went to a garage sale at a “cookie cutter” home in Green Valley. There was this gorgeous pink and chrome 50’s dinette set with a sticky note on the table that said “900”. I had a good chuckle over the price tag, but started negotiating for it.

The lady wouldn’t budge below 700 and I passed.

2 years later I was out showing homes to a client. We pulled up to the next house on the list, and I realized it was the same house where the table had been for sale. While opening the lockbox,  I casually told him the story of the HOT PINK AND CHROME 50’s Dinette.

The house was vacant, but when we went into the garage, the only thing in it was a lawnmower and a gorgeous 50’s pink and chrome dinette set with a yellow sticky note on the table that said “900”.

I joked that if he bought this house, I’d “take the dinette set as a tip”. He said “yuch!, you can have it”. By the end of the day we were writing an offer on that house, and he didn’t object at all if I included the gorgeous 50’s pink and chrome dinette set along with the washer,dryer and fridge which he did want to have included in the deal.

That’s how I came to have a hot pink dinette in my kitchen.

Everyone who’s ever seen it (at least everyone who appreciates such things) thought it was fabulous. At various times over the last year or two, Mark and Bill, and Ben thought it was FAB.

They called the other day. They begged me to sell it to them so that they could put it into the pink metal cabinet kitchen  that’s the centerpiece of their new store which is called:


YES, it’s the same hot pink kitchen that we mentioned a few months ago.

If you want to see the HOT PINK 50’s CHROME DINETTE SET, all you have to do is visit their store. I was there yesterday, and it’s just full of retro everything (including my dinette set).

There’s a “soft opening” on Thursday from 6–9 pm, and the GRAND OPENING is during First Friday from 6–10 pm.

“RETRO VEGAS” is at 1211 S. Main Street in the Arts District.

I’m missing my dinette set already.  even though I replaced it with a similar yellow dinette set that that had been the office conference table.

I might just have to go and buy it back.