Seasonal Sunlight Changes Make Mid Century Modern Homes Extra Special

6 30 am sunlightThis morning I was up extra early due to the 8am graduation ceremony for the Citizens Leadership Academy.

One of the great things about my Mid Mod, post and beam construction home is how the light changes with the seasons. This morning was the first day that the sun rose far enough to the south to make it thru the patio cover and brass sliding glass doors and into the living room.

Last night, however, as I was leaving the house at 5:15, the kitchen was almost totally in the dark already. I want Daylight Savings Time to last all year! What a waste to have the sun up at 6 am, and for it to get dark so early.

That’s really the only thing I hate about Las Vegas. Being in the east edge of the West time zone makes for some really dark early evenings during the winter.