Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – If All Else Fails, Shoot The Fluffy Bunny

774229_301_19We were honored by Athol Kaye in Ct. again by having him publish one of MY Worst MLS Photos that I had sent to him.

I hadn’t published it yet, so technically, he beat me to it.

He has a whole tutorial for agents on his site about what’s a good picture and what’s not.

I share it with you. But the money quote from Rule Three: Just take lots of shots:

“Not only that, you should shoot anything that remotely qualifies as a “feature”. Fancy doorknob? Yes shoot it. Wine rack? Shoot it. Gold fixtures in the bathroom? Sweet fluffy bunnies you should shoot them. These can become the accent shots that break up a virtual tour from endless room wide shots.”

This might be a little too much of an “insider joke” but if you read his “rules”, you’ll get it too.

You can help make the real estate photo world a little better also

1) If you find something while browsing the internet for real estate listings, cut and paste it into an email and send it to me.

2) If you know someone whose home is for sale, give them a critique if their agent published pictures I’d love to make fun of.

3) If you’re going to list your home, ask the agent for copies of ALL his previous listings (including pictures). Sellers should know how their agent will market the home.

4) If you know someone who’s thinking of selling, give me a call or at least refer them to me. I promise, they’ll never see a bad picture in their listing.