There Must Have Been Some Electro-Pulse Test Going On Out In The Desert..

Because the technology factor was totally off whack @ the VVV HQ today.  We’re broadcasting live via Steve’s Apt. because the Embarq guy is taking extra measures to see this doesn’t happen again.  In addition to not having Internet since about 9:15 this morning, Jack’s blue tooth & palm were wrestling, the scanner took 12 runs to digest anything, & my phone was dropping calls every time i looked the other direction. 

I’m not complaining, we just needed to know it was a get out the office day!  My newly non-smoking lungs got a much needed work out as I got to set out on a self lead architectural & urban planning appreciation tour of Huntridge & Marycrest [Actually meaning I ‘paper-boyed’ 400 post cards letting everyone know we sold a bunch of stuff like 1701 15th St., & We’ve got a bunch of cool stuff like 1821 14th St. etc.].  But really I enjoyed it because I just got a bunch of new music to Dj with & could preview it all on my i-pod while finally getting some exercise.

I then spent the afternoon beginning to get set up with an awesome new mortgage company, First United Mortgage.  I met with Mark, my new team leader.  I have to say thanks to Brad from our suburban sister blog in Silverado Ranch, The South Valley Reader for the referral to Mark & First United.  I’m very excited to join with them and be able to offer even more services like VA & FHA backed loans.  They also have an in-house underwriter, so loans are done quickly, clearly, & correctly.  This I appreciate more than anything!

Jack was at a signing this morning & still out with a buyer when I spoke with him at the end of the day, so I’m going to guest author his Worst MLS Photo:

Worst MLS Photo Of The Day: You’ll Fall In Love With The Dark Narrow Halls & Stairwells!!

Falling down stairs

We should be back up & running at the office tomorrow as far as I know.