Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – HO HO HO

Santa Brought Us A Home! He Put It On Lay Away With Uncle Jack, His Favorite Realtor. He got  a really great deal on it, and we can move in at the end of January.I usually spend December wishing it was January. I hate going out in public because my brain seems to get songs stuck in my head. Whatever song I hear last just keeps repeating on an endless loop that can drive me crazy. It’s not so bad when it’s Springstein, or Meatloaf, or the Beatles. But Christmas Carols are a trap I try to avoid.

The worst song of all is “jingle bells”. I woke up yesterday and my brain was singing it to me. And that was from an razor commercial that was playing as I turned off the TV the night before. “Rudolph” and “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer” are close contenders.  White Christmas always makes me glad I live where it doesn’t snow. Yuck! I shoveled a lifetime’s worth of sidewalks and jump started enough dead batteries in zero degree weather to make me really appreciate that there’s snow up on Mount Charleston to look at, and I can go visit it if I want to. Living in it, and celebrating it, and dreaming of it is just crazy in my book.

So, I wish you all a blue sky, 60 degree Happy Holidays.