Dismal Weather Keeps First Friday Crowds At Home

Street scene in front of the Funk House Antiques at First Friday in Las VegasBut that meant it was a great night to actually be able to see and study the art, as well as to actually get to talk to the artists,  without the jostle of the crowds. My brother Ken (Uncle Kenny) from Columbus accompanied me.





Burlesque Hall Of Fame In Las VegasAtomic Todd is showing the “Burlesque Hall Of Fame” which is a complete collection that came to Las Vegas from it’s old home in California. They’re looking for a bigger spot to house it all.






PC154323The Burlesque Art Form still has it’s devotees, and as lovers of cultural history, it’s nice to see things like this kept alive.






I’ve got some more pictures below the fold.

Jane Mansfields playpen for her babies and feather fans



















This is one fan dance I don’t really care to ever see again.