Next Weekend’s Local Party

I hope those of you that came out to the Aruba last Friday for the open bar/swing dancing/944/Racket Magazine/art exhibition party (yes it’s a malleable venue) had a blast. If you missed the fun, you can check out a great review of the event up on Casa Del Soul Records’ web site.

Just so this is up for those of you who live in the area, but only check in once a week or so to get all the posts since last time in one sitting; (please let me show you How RSS Feeds Work!) Here is another really cool free event going on at the Aruba – Next weekend, Feb. 9th.

Aruba las vegas event Feb. 9th

The Aruba is located just behind John S. Park on Las Vegas Blvd. Just south of Charleston. It is a true Vintage hotel and new management has an appreciation for the history of the building. You can check out posters in the Thunderbird Lounge depicting the hotel’s mid-century presence. Hope to see you out!