Worst MLS Photo Of The Day –

789123_601_12This one was sent in Leah Mealiffe, one of the many real estate agents who read VeryVintageVegas.com regularly.

One of our most important missions at VVV is to educate the 15000 agents in Las Vegas that there’s classic homes, historic neighborhoods, Las Vegas History and exciting urban living right in the heart of town.

As to today’s “worst MLS photo” I couldn’t think of the right punch line, so I invite you write your own in the comments. (and other agents—it’s an easy way to get some SEO linkage).

If you stumble upon a worthy photo while doing your own MLS Searches, I invite you to cut and paste, or email me the MLS number. Don’t forget, with our MLS search engine, you can search just by subdivision name if you’re tracking, let’s say, Huntridge, or McNeil, or any of the other great neighborhoods of Vintage Vegas.