SpongeBob’s Moving To Vintage Las Vegas – Jack LeVine Is Going To Sell Him His New Sea Shell, The “La Concha”

The Neon Museum will use the historic La Concha Motel Lobby as it's new  entry lobbyActually, one of the few extra fabulous mid century modern buildings that has managed to be saved by moving it,  is the La Concha Hotel Lobby which will be the new lobby of the NEON MUSEUM. Our friend, daily reader and client Bob Devaney sent us these pictures of the first steps in putting the La Concha back together again.

Besides sending the pictures, Bob gives us a little of the back story.  

“Hi Jack.

Since according to your blog you don’t go more than 3 miles from home, I thought you and your readers might enjoy these photos I took of the old La Concha hotel lobby which is being reassembled up on Las Vegas Blvd just north of Bonanza at the neon sign boneyard.  You can see where the concrete was cut to break the structure into movable pieces and has been filled back in and is being braced while the concrete cures.  I had the privilege of visiting the lobby for work when it was down on the strip, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it resurrected at the new site and the eventual conversion of the boneyard into a museum with regular hours.


PS — Thanks so much for researching those comps for me!

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Historic Preservation Is Alive And Well In Vintage Las Vegas









Laconcha - photo from the National Trust For Historic Preservation with attribution to M.M. StrattonI grabbed this night shot of the original from the online archive of the  National Trust For Historic Preservation. Among all the many I could have chosen, I chose this one because it seems to be attributed to our own good friend and leader of the Atomic Age Alliance…. MaryMargaret Stratton!