Link Love – Some Of My Favorite Blogs About Architecture and Cultural History

The problem with writing a post about my favorite blogs is that I got caught up on reading them. So without comment, here’s the list of what I was reading last night. My intention was to write a little snippet on each, but it didn’t end up happening.

Be forwarned, there’s about 80 hours of great reading, great pictures and some really campy fun, retro, vintage, nostalgic fun  if you start clicking.

Miami Design Preservation League

Palms Springs Preservation Foundation




Atomic Playhouse

Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee

Beverlys in Oklahoma City from dougdawgOklahoma City Historic buildings




Frisk the Fridgedaire

Vintage Seattle

Didi’s Dim Beauty Of Seattle  yes, that Didi who comments on VVV all the time!

mid mod real estate agents in Phoenix

The Brownstoner from Brooklyn NY

Miamism A Miami Agent who “gets it”