Decorative Las Vegas Mid Century Modern Concrete Block Pattern #3

mid century modern homes in Las Vegas often used Decorative Concrete Block to create privacy screens or to give some flourish to the top of a  block wall fence

This pattern is on one of a kind that I discovered in a backyard on 8th Place. It’s only used on the top edge of a block fence.

There’s only a handful that I’ve never seen used on multiple properties.

The individual blocks on this one are square.

One of the things that I truly love about them, is that the overall pattern can change depending on where you focus. I’ll be sure to show you examples as we go.

Jack LeVine is obsessed with the variety of patterns in  mid century modern privacy screens and fencesJack LeVine Love Mid century modern Stone Screens because of the diffent designs that can be seen merely by shifting you point of focusIn this case, you can see circles or you can see diamonds. Take your pick.