Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas’ Historic Neighborhood Are Adorned With Decorative Concrete Block – Pattern # 12

P6240916There’s only one house EVER that I’ve found with this mid century modern block design.

I don’t even know if we can call them blocks at all.

I call them the stalagmites. Or is that Stalactites? Or both? Is there a word for when a stalagmite touches a stalactite?




P6240915Regardless of what you call them, you can’t miss them if you drive down historically significant 6th Street between Charleston and Oakey. 6th Street is in the historic John S. Park Neighborhood.

John S. Park is the first “dedicated” historic neighborhood on the east side.

They’re just a door or two away from the Bob Stupak house, the Jimmy The Greek House, the Molasky House, The …….. more on that some other day. I promise!

And the house itself is a specacular example of the MID CENTURY MODERN custom homes in Historic Las Vegas.

Was that good enough for google? Find out tomorrow.