The Decorative Concrete Block Walls Of Vintage Las Vegas – The Fleur De Lis is pattern #24

Fleur de lis single blockThe fleur de lis design shows up all over the world with many meanings and uses as discussed in this wikepedia entry.





P7151438 1Fleur de lis rounded wallIt’s fairly common around Vintage Las Vegas and I see it used a lot in wrought iron fences, floor medallions and mosaics.



IMG_3639There’s no hidden patterns, unfortunately, but I do have one very special use of of it combined with another pattern that always brings a chuckle.  I’m not sure what they were thinking when they built this stone screen. You can find it if you drive thru the lowest edges of Francisco Park, which is a huge neighborhood of mini mods west of Eastern Avenue and South of Karen.

Study it closely for me by clicking on the picture. Can anyone figure out the rhyme or reason? Is there a repeating pattern that I’m missing?