Retro And Vintage Mid Century Modern Homes In Las Vegas – Pattern #27 In The Series On Decorative Concrete Block Screens

P8202244 croppedThis decorative concrete block is so cute. It’s like an iceing swirl on a birthday cake.

It’s a much softer design, with rounded edges, unlike most of the previous ones we’ve studied.

I only have pictures from 2 properties, but I’m sure I’ve seen it around more than that.


P8202243It’s a strange coincidence that in both of these cases, the blocks had been  textured over. I’ll update the post if I spot it without the texturizing.

I like the design when they’re laid 4 to a square in different directions.





P7211661In this instance, they’re in laid out in alternating rows going in different directions and it just doesn’t strike me as being quite as appealing.

I’m sure I’ve seen a case where they all went in the same direction, but I don’t seem to have a picture of it.

Mid Century Modern Retro Vintage Homes In Las Vegas just wouldn’t be the same without the stone screens.