Annual Helldorado Parade In Downtown Las Vegas on Saturday May 17 7 PM

If you missed the festivities last week in Downtown Las Vegas, you get another chance to see what all the hubbub is about.

This time it’s the HELLDORADO PARADE, which has been an Las Vegas Icon Event since 1935

From the City of Las Vegas Website:

Helldorado_time photo courtesy the Elks HelldoradoWhat began as a tool in 1935 to bring tourists to town following the completion of construction on Hoover Dam evolved into a celebrated event that united locals with community spirit and raised money for local charities. In its heyday, Helldorado was centered on Western themed events such as the Kangaroo Court, Old Timers Parade, Rodeo, Whiskerino Contest, Beauty Parade and Children’s Parade. Events planned for this year include the parade and new fireworks show, an art show and silent auction, the Shootout Charity Golf Tournament and the Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament. The fireworks show will begin at 9:15 p.m. following the parade. The best location to view the fireworks is the Fremont East Entertainment District, which is on Fremont Street between Las Vegas Boulevard and Eighth Street. Information on these upcoming events can be found on the official Helldorado Days Web site at

Our favorite Las Vegas History Club, “Classic Las Vegas” has more coverage and old pictures coverage on their blog relating to the history of Helldorado, and is sponsoring the panel discussion on Tuesday Night at 7 pm at the Clark County Museum on Boulder Hiway. (details in yesterday’s calandar of events)

FIREWORKS FOLLOW THE PARADE at the Fremont East Entertainment District.  

If you’re not reading the CLASSIC LAS VEGAS BLOGregularly, you’re missing a whole lot of terrific coverage of the history of Las Vegas. It’s my favorite read, and without Lynn Zook and her blog, I swear I’d know nothing about Las Vegas History.