Mid Century Modern Architectural Design – Pattern #28 In Our Look At The Stone Screens Of Vintage Las Vegas

Img289 single patternThis is a fairly common design that can be found all over Vintage Las Vegas.

It’s an “X with boxes in a box.



Img291But stop for a second and look at any 4 blocks at the same time by focusing on the the junction of the 4 corners.

The octogon becomes the prevelant shape, and once you do that, it keeps repeating itself.





A new reader Mike, left a comment the other day back in pattern #7: “Really love the decorative block. Do you know where it can be purchased?”

003Thanks for asking Mike. I stopped over at LOWES/DEPOT yesterday. They actually carry 2 of the most common of all of the designs. I guess that’s why they’re so common.

I’ll use these two for the Wednesday and Thursday  patterns. And I’ll dig out the website for the company in Florida that still makes a dozen or so different patterns. (Shipping not included ).

In honor of HELLDORADO and the western roots of Las Vegas:

You’ll come back!