The Mid Century Modern Architectural Heritage Of Concrete Block Has Spilled Over To Current Usage – Pattern #30

IMG_4135 single block

I promised you that I’d do some of the patterns that are currenty available at your local big box home store.


IMG_4124Since it’s still available, this pattern can be seen all over suburban Las Vegas as well. The idea of implanting some design into the ubiquidous canyons of block wall hasn’t gone away.

The Mid Century Modern Aestetic is still alive, but it’s rarely used in current construction to create “Stone Screens” or “Sun Screens”.

I’ve never found this one in use in any of the usual places such as downtown, Paradise Palms, McNeil, or Francisco Park.


P7041078This creative mixed directional use is on Spencer, north of Flamingo next to the famous Underground House.


To the doubters who didn’t believe I could come up with about 50 different patterns (you know who you are):

Since we’re on #30, and I skipped a few days, It’s been over a month now since we started the series. Stay tuned, I’ve got plenty more!