Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – Bright Sunny Kitchens Are Important When You’re Home Is For Sale In Las Vegas

Uncle Jack's VeryVintageVegas presents a daily dose of the  most awful of the MLS photos.

For the next week, I’ll be doing some extra commenting on on the WMLSPOTD. Why? Because next week I’m making a presentation to my Keller Williiams Realty Office Meeting. I’ll be posting an example of each of the categories.

That way, I’ll only be showing them the previous weeks postings on VVV.




815142_801_18 cropped2I use a simple freeware photoviewer, with an easy to use editor called IRFANVIEW. I devoted an entire 30 seconds to adjust the brightness, the angle and do a simple cropping to recreate the photo. If you don’t get the shot right at the property, at least fix at the computer before uploading it to the mls.


The goal? An audience of 100 realtors who hopefully will never upload another photo that’s eligible for becoming a Worst MLS Photo Of The Day.Cameras with flashes are a must. This is probably the most common form of bad picture we see in the mls, and probably the most easily correctable.

Of course, the alterior motive is another opportunity to expose Vintage Vegas and Mid Century Modernism to my fellow Keller Williams agents.  

The Only thing worse than a bad photo is NO PHOTOS AT ALL!