Pattern #49 Of The Retro Sunscreens Of Vintage Las Vegas

IMG_3641 singleThis is as retro as you can get. A suspended square within a square.

It’s been lots of fun showing you all the different block patterns that can be found in Vintage Las Vegas.


Fence divider2This one makes an elegant sunscreen, and works beautifully as an accent in a divider wall.

Of course, living plants would make it even better.






If you’d like to see the whole series all at once, you can click here, or in the future if you want to reference them, you can go to the category section in the left column and click on “decorative concrete block designs”.

There’s only 2 more left of the actual patterns. I knew I had “about 50” of them, and since I accidentally used one of the patterns twice, that makes the real count exactly 50. Then of course I’ve got some bloopers to show you, as well as some other very creative uses of concrete block. So we’re not quite done yet.