The Secret Las Vegas Mid Mod – Part 2

Hall bath 1A great design that I’ve never seen before! Slanted face, floating bathroom vanities! Design is everything in Mid Century Modern.

These are in the bathrooms of the SECRET Icon Mid Mod that I’m representing. We’re experimenting with marketing it to only the  devoted base of readers of VeryVintageVegas.

We’re not putting it into the MLS, and there’s no sign. We’re not going to let anyone actually see it who’s not a true Mid Mod enthusiast. The last thing I want is to hear someone walk in and tell me it’s “dated” (that means about 99% of the real estate agents in Las Vegas).


IMG_7062It’s priced at $547,000. I’ll give all the details to those who can seriously consider it, and use the fabulous features as a regular series to provide my readers with great ideas, concepts and pictures to drool over.

There’s plenty more to come. As we said in the 50’s….”don’t touch that dial”.