A Letter To Mayor Oscar Goodman and Mayor Pro-tem Gary Reese

Dear Mayor Goodman and Councilman Reese,

Thank you for standing with the historic preservation community regarding the future of “Pop Squires” home on 7th Street.

We had very short notice that this was coming before you. The issue had made it’s way all the way to the  planning commission meeting before any of us were even aware of it. Now we have some breathing room to put a plan together. Whether the building is moved to a museum site, or kept in downtown with an adaptive re-use (which would be our preference), at least now we have a chance to find that solution.

As you must realize by now, there’s a great many of us who care, and our ranks are growing daily as people find blogs such as mine and Lynn Zooks Classic Las Vegas. We really do care, and we know that a great city requires a past that is preserved as well as a present and future. Cities shrivel up and die when there’s no respect or reverence for it’s history and roots, and when there’s no vision for it’s future.

Your vision for the “old” urban core has always been inspiring because it included historic preservation along side of redevelopment. That’s why you did the right thing the other day when you turned down the development requests until the issue of the historic home was solved.

On Behalf of my thousands of readers, not only in Las Vegas but around the country, I’m thanking you for standing with us.

Jack LeVine

To My Readers:

Would you please take a minute and let Mayor Goodman and Councilman Reese know that you agree, and that we really do have a strong and dedicated community that considers historic preservation to be of great importance.

You can call Mayor Goodman at 229–6241 or  email the Mayor with this link, and Gary Reese at 229–6405 or email the Councilman