“Pop Squires House” story gets picked up by the Review Journal

The story that first broke here at VeryVintageVegas has been picked up by the Review Journal. Alan Choate wrote about it in the Tuesday edition.

Pop squiresIf you’re interested in being more than an observer of our efforts to save what precious little of our history that hasn’t already been destroyed, then there’s plenty of opportunity for you to help. We’ll often be asking you to write a letter, attend a commission or council meeting or protest rally. Numbers make the difference when we’re trying to sway the political will of the elected decisions who hold the fate of these buildings in their hands.

Some of the more obvious buildings such as the 5th Street School, the Las Vegas High School, The Morelli House and others have been successfully preserved, but there’s a lot more that are going to become endangered in the near future. Please help whenever we put out a call for action.