A Thanksgiving Story

I want to wish all of you a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

I’ve told the story before, but since we get new readers all the time, I’ll tell it again. This is how the “Uncle Jack” thing came to be:


During Thanksgiving Dinner at my mom’s (about 20 years ago), I got up from the table to get something or other from the kitchen. My oldest brother Arnie said “Jack, while you’re there get the milk.”

My four year old very petulant and very bright niece grabbed her fathers arm and sternly reprimanded him “DADDY! You know his name is UNCLE JACK!!!!”

Of course, at any gathering of the LeVines, it doesn’t take much to send us all into hysterics. My mother was laughing so hard tears were running down her face.

Naturally, I was teased to death for the whole weekend and they went out of their way to “Uncle Jack” me at every opportunity. Of course the nickname stuck within the family, spread to my friends and eventually, I hope to you. You’re welcome to call me Uncle Jack, also.