The Most Famous Sign In The World – Welcome To Las Vegas Nevada

fabulous and famous Las Vegas signThe vintage neon of Las Vegas is a very important element in our historic preservation efforts. One of the most important of the signs was designed by Betty Willis. Betty and her neon has been the topic of several blog posts and events from Classic Las Vegas. Footage of Lynn Zook speaking at one of them was edited into the video in today’s Las Vegas Sun.

The county has added a parking lot and exit lanes to allow our visitors a safer experience when taking pictures of the sign.


The Neon Museum has even more good news this week. I already reported that it won a grant from the Hampton Inns Landmarks Project, but now we can report that The Neon Museum will receive a federal grant as well. The next big attraction in Las Vegas will be the fully restored LaConcha Shell visitors center and newly restored signs on Las Vegas Blvd in the Cultural Corridor.