First Friday Video – The Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

I found some great video for all of you. Even those of us who are regulars never seem to get to see all that there is. I’m always encouraging you to go have a great time on First Fridays, but the truth is that The Downtown Las Vegas Arts District is open all week. It’s even fun to look when there isn’t a huge crowd.

Even more important, is that all of these galleries and artist spaces and studios have the ART FOR SALE all thru the week. In fact, almost uniformly, they tell me that First Friday primarily serves them as a way to introduce the art, but that that when something SELLS, it happens during the week.

The SinCityArtGroup seems to have found a way to capture the essence of the First Friday event in 3 minute videos. I try to report with still photos, but they don’t do it the way video does. For example I’ve probably taken 200 photos of the break dancer kids over the years and have never ended up with a shot that accurately portrays their amazing perfomances. This video tells it all in about a 5 second clip.

First Friday Las Vegas December 2008 Video from funkaruck on Vimeo
First Friday Las Vegas November – SinCityArtGroup from funkaruck on Vimeo.

I hope they plan on doing a new video every month about First Friday and the downtown Las Vegas Arts District.