There’s A Birthday Party For Jack LeVine After First Friday At The Downtown Cocktail Room in Downtown Las Vegas

It was a going to be a surprise, but the cat got out of the bag. There’s a ton of you out there who aren’t known by the people putting on the party, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t invited!.

If you’re in Downtown Las Vegas on Friday Night for First Friday, then stop in at the Downtown Cocktail Room after 9:30 pm. Or just head to downtown Las Vegas for some late night partying.

Normally, Jack LeVine pays no mind to birthdays, but after the heart attack and all that, I’m HAPPY to celebrate one, and grateful to friends for throwing me a party. Stop by if you can.

Downtown Cocktail Room 111 S. Las Vegas Blvd (first door south of Fremont Street) Downtown Las Vegas!

Jack LeVine was talking to another blogger the other day about how difficult it is to get people to comment, regardless of the topic. Maybe this time?

It would make the SEO Gods so happy. I’ll tell you what that means in a day or 2.