Dramatic Increases In Las Vegas Home Sales – Especially In Downtown And Vintage Las Vegas

 I’m a lot of things, but statistician isn’t one of them.

The last two big posts I did “Four Secrets” and “How The Foreclosure And Lending Crisis Came To Be” didn’t have any statistics or numbers in them. J.C. Melvin, on the other hand, loves numbers and what he shares in this video is well worth watching, especially since it’s NOT BORING.

Of course, the numbers are about Las Vegas in general, and they’re actually even better in  Downtown and Vintage Las Vegas. Even the RJ is capable of giving us good news these days. Today’s RJ has a story entitled “December Brings Dramatic Increases In Las Vegas Home Sales”.

To tie it all together, I think that it’s important that we start to remember once again that price and value aren’t the same thing. The foreclosure sellers (banks) don’t put much value on the homes they’re selling, so they lower the price to get them gone. The owners of MOST homes in Las Vegas (especially in Downtown and Vintage Las Vegas place a value on their homes that’s MUCH higher than current pricing. That’s why there are so few nice homes for sale at the moment.

For the buyer, It’s quite the opposite. To the buyers, the value is scoring a really cool house and getting it while the prices and interest rates are low. JC thinks we’re at the bottom give or take a few dollars. I agree. 

Current Downtown and Vintage Las Vegas Home Owners – If you’d rather be one of the buyers, and you thought your current home is standing in the way….Then we should be talking about a trade in.