The Arts Factory Is The Centerpiece Of First Friday and Preview Thursday in The Downtown Las Vegas Arts District

Facebook friend Ryan Reason compiled a list of all the happening Thursday and Friday at the Arts Factory. It’s a real long list and I think you’d have to be a member of The Arts Factory Las Vegas group to actually see it on FB.   

Preview Thursday has a different energy that First Friday. Smaller crowds, serious art lovers, and actually – better free food and wine – but don’t tell anyone.

Here’s Ryan’s Compilation:

Lot’s of excitement around the Arts Factory as everyone preps for this coming Preview Thursday and First Friday. New galleries are opening and new collections are going up on every available wall space.

Preview Thursday has really taken off over the last few months, and this September’s Preview Thursday has some special things in store you won’t want to miss. Here’s what’s happening at the Arts Factory this week:

Art Tech Gallery
Studio #235
Eric Belanger commemorates the opening of his studio in the Arts Factory with a gala celebration on Preview Thursday 6pm – 10pm.
Refreshments courtesy of Kona Grille
Music by DJ B Breaks.
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm

Laura Henkel Fine Art
Studio #100
Featuring: “The Naked Line”
by Francois Dubeau
François Dubeau’s work is born of a fascination with the unbridled creative energy and movement, which is often found primarily in a sketch.Every other element has been discarded, even color,leaving nothing butblack lines, which allows exploration by the observer to imagine within their own subjectivity in order to fill in the blanks. Each drawing starts from a random stroke of the pen, observed from all angles to become the spark that feeds the rest of the graphic composition. Dubeau leaves a lot of open space and ambiguity in his drawings to suggest a balance between the visible and the invisible, the defined and the undefined, black and white, l’avoué etl’inavouable.
Open Monday – Friday, 11am – 2pm
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm

Valentino’s Zootsuit Connection
Studio #135
On Preview Thursday Valentino’s Zootsuit Connection will be hosting “Mr. Coffeelicious” from Chicago, who will be serving samples of organic gold coffee and organic green tea. Also available will be wellness products from the world’s leading brand of 100% certified organic ganoderma, for a healthier you.
Stop by and check out Las Vegas’s oldest vintage clothing store featuring uptown apparel for men and women. Wearable art clothing spanning the eras from the 1900’s to the 1980’s. “For the cool in you.”
Open Monday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm

Trifecta Gallery
Studio #160
Featuring the works of:
Sush Machida Gaikotsu and Brian Porray
Two Painters at different stages in their careers. Both UNLV graduates, one winding up his Masters Degree and the other in the throes of success after receiving his in 2002. Helping each other over the course of several years, the two artists form an exhibition with similarities at first look. Upon exploring, you will see the creative differences in how a similar experience can show contrasting results.
Open Monday – Friday, 11am – 2pm
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm

Joseph Watson Gallery
Studio #115
This month the Joseph Watson Gallery will be featuring pieces from San Diego Artist Franz Borowitz, as well as new pieces in the Joseph Watson collection.
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm
Host: Joseph & Tamara Watson
For an appointment or more info: 858-733-2135

peaceNart Studio
Studio #230
This month features the Textured Visions of Erika Allison
and the Alexander Huerta collection
Open Monday – Friday, 12pm – 5pm
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm

8M Gallery
Studio #205
Featuring the Art of Ken Boe, Olivier Peltier and Dar Freeland
American Artist, Ken Boe – “The Teapot Series” – Oil on Canvas
French Artist, Olivier Peltier – “The Imaginary Lands of Olivier Peltier” – Mixed Media
American Artist, Dar Freeland – “Alchemy” Fine Art Watercolors
Open every Preview Thursday and First Friday, 6pm – 10pm

Green Outlet
Featuring vendors and information on the Arts Factory back patio.
This month’s theme is Back To School, highlighting reused and recycled products.
Connecting People, Planet and Products through internet television and events.

Red Giant Gallery Presents:
Group Therapy Las Vegas:
“Traditional Values”
A group art show of 36 local tattoo artists honoring the traditions and fundamentals of old school American tattooing. Works will be displayed thru Sept 25th.
Group Therapy Las Vegas is a non profit organization dedicated to showcase the artistic talent for the tattoo community while raising funds for children’s charities through continuous cultural event and projects. By showcasing the diverse art of the Tattoo community we will raise the awareness of their true artistic genius while generating resources that make a significant difference in our community and children in need.
Office: 702.287.0044

White Dwarf Gallery is now
Le Mur
Featuring random sketches by artist H.D. Clark

Northern Lights Gallery
Featuring “Nature Series” by Kimberly Cockrum
Inspired by the natural world, this collection is a display of bright colors, strong contrast, and heavy textures in acrylic paints.