Dramatic Change In The Downtown Las Vegas Skyline

IMG_7104This one is forever going to change the skyline of the Las Vegas High School Historic District. It grabbed my eye all the way from back behind the El Cortez, 4 blocks away to the north. I just had to go see. 

It’s the new Kenny Law Building going up on 8th Street on the south side of the old Las Vegas High School, (now the Las Vegas Acadamy).

The last time I drove by, it was 2 concrete block elevator towers and only the first floor had been framed up.

IMG_7100I love the temporary yellowness, but alas, it’s just the waterproofing building wrap.
I hope the sharp angles and pitched rooflines remain as stark as they are now once it’s stuccoed and glassed in.
IMG_7103The sharpest contrast is the newish McMansion just across 8th Street. While standing on the corner, today, I felt stirrings from the ghost of Howard Roark.