Atomic Ranch Magazine Is Devoted to Mid Century Modernist Homes and Lifestyle

Atomic Ranch Magazine is a quarterly devoted to 1940’s-70’s ranch houses and modernist tract homes. They’re cooler than you think. I’ve read several issues, and eagerly await the first copy of my subscription when it arrives in my mailbox. It’s a great resource for all of us in Vintage Vegas.

Atomic RanchLas Vegas is the last city left in America where the “modernist revival” is just taking off.

There are entire modernist movement week long events in LA and Chicago and Palm Springs. We’re going to have one in Las Vegas in October 2008.

For example, here’s the web site for this February’s Modernism Week in Palm Springs. I’m starting to plan for a weekend at least.

Mary-Margaret and AAA– the Atomic Age Alliance are heading up the planning for the first ever Las Vegas Modernist Week.

Uncle Jack and will be working closely with them. We hope you’ll be as excited about this as we are.