Neighborhood Associations Make Very Vintage Vegas A Better Place To Live

I founded the Southridge Neighborhood Association about 6 years ago, in order to fight the scorpion tail thrill ride at the Stratosphere. Thankfully, we managed to stop it, and the best outcome was a viable, successful neighborhood association.Tower

Since then, SNA has sponsored, clean-ups, national night out events, town hall meetings, pushed for the St. Louis Beautification project and many other great things that have helped to turn downtown into the great new hip place to live.  

Southridge Neighborhood Association Meets Tuesday, 9/25 PM. The meeting is at the Fremont Middle School on St. Louis just west of Maryland Parkway.

“Block Watch” Organizers from Metro will make a presentation about how to start a Block Watch.

Block watch graphicAll are welcome even if you don’t live in Southridge NA. You can see a well run association in action, find out about block watch, and find out how YOUR neighborhood could benefit from both of these great programs from the city, county and metro.

If you live in the city, you probably already have one established. The county hasn’t pushed for them the way the city has, but the county does have a program to help you organize them.