Decorative Block Patterns Abundant In Vintage Vegas

For one reason and another, I spent most of yesterday in Paradise Palms. It’s still one of my all time favorite neighborhoods in all of Vintage Vegas.

While there, I found 2 more decorative block patterns that I had missed. I hope you’re looking for all the different patterns as you drive around Vintage Vegas also. I still haven’t gotten around to categorizing them all and showing you the whole collection, but I promise I will.
This one just has a squarish hole in it, with rounded corners. It was such a simple design, I missed it, and then I found a home in Paradise Palms where they set it at a diagonal for a stunning effect.
I also found another unique one that I hadn’t seen before, and I share it with you.
This is a repeat of a post from August 21,2007. One of our obsessions has been to document and catalog all the various patterns of concrete block. We’ve found 37 different patterns to date. I’m now starting to move some posts from the old site to the new one. Here’s the link if you’d like to see all the different posts that I’ve done regarding decorative block ALL PREVIOUS POSTS REGARDING DECORATIVE BLOCK