Constructive Criticism Makes Us Better

Grammar letter0001I really does try to write good. I’s a good speler, (Thanks Mrs. Willson, 3rd Grade). I reed and re-reed and edit everything I’s writen.”

And “IT’S” still possible to miss something. Since I’m so “constructively critical” on the whole MLS photo thing, I think it’s reasonable for someone to call ME on it when I make a mistake.

This letter arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m happy that people who take the flyers from the signpost boxes of my listings are actually reading them.

I spoke to the letter writer. She’s a retired professor of English. She’s also an advocate of changing how we spell words. She believes we should do away with silent letters. She’s advocating phonetic spelling. She was actually very complimentary of our whole overall marketing campaign. We had a few good laughs on a variety of topics.  She gave me permission to publish the letter, though I erased her phone number, with the magic of PhotoShop.

Grammar letter0002

I’m hoping you’ll get a laugh out of it also.

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