Peckers, Knockers, & Bangers – A Real Estate Story

A lot of people are pecking & scratching around my door – They want to talk real estate.  Some others have been knocking softly, and some are banging on it. That’s one way that I judge the market. I keep track of my peckers, knockers & bangers.

“The Peckers” are tentatively looking for more information, but are not yet convinced that now is the time to buy.

I’m betting that’s most of the “cautious readers” of this blog and numerous other real estate sites. There’s somewhere between 500 and 1,000 who read me at least once a week, or 2 to three times a month. I’m honored and flattered to have them as regular readers. There’s LOTS of people who have been here a couple of times or once over the last 6 months.

For 8 months “The Knockers” have been telling me they’re “waiting for the bottom of the market.”

The buyers we call “The Knockers”, are preparing to get back in the market. They’re educated, and just need proof that the market has “hit the bottom.” NONE of you believe real estate is a dead game only for losers. We all know better.

“The Bangers” have prioritized educating themselves, are analyzing the housing inventory w/ a good Realtor, managing their credit & finances properly, and keeping a pulse on Las Vegas market timing via blogs like this one & others.   

The early birds or early adaptors/contrarians are starting to come out of the woodwork & will make the most in this market’s up-turn. Those of you who are banging loudly at my door, asked me to set up a search for you. I’m e-mailing you dozens and dozens of homes that fit you needs and wants. You are studying them. You’ve told me to change the criteria of the search and knock out all the 2 stories, for example. You’re spending days off finding those houses for a drive by. You’re are also doing drives through the neighborhoods where those homes are. I know because you tell me what you’re seeing as “best options” are narrowing down. You’re ready to buy now, and are making the best choices.

You “Bangers”  look closely at the pictures and the words in the MLS, and my opinion of them. You certainly know a “Worst MLS Photo” when you see one. You don’t even give a second glance at any listing that “DOES NOT HAVE A LOT OF PICTURES. You who are banging on my door are screaming “I want to buy now! I know the best deals will be found while the masses are being spoon-fed ‘bubble-scare’ tactics from the news!”

You took a drive with me to tell you what I know about this neighborhood or that one. We went into two homes. One priced at the very lowest and one at the very highest of your price range.  

You’ve made ABSOLUTELY sure of what kind of loan you’re getting, how much money you’ll need and what is the absolute highest monthly payment you can afford. Then you’ve worked with Steve, or another lender & figured out how much home you can afford and still have a vacation or whatever.  

NOTE : One of the things that we can do now with the NEW LOOK is split the posts into segments so as not to eat up too much “front page, above the fold” real estate on this blog. This is actually part ONE of a 4 PART series that will be published over the next few days. To finish reading Part ONE, click on “read more” below.

When you felt confident that you were BUYING WISELY, you called me again and said you were ready to sign a buyer broker agreement, and to actively spend as much time in my car as it took to find the right property for you. Then I get to negotiate the best possible deal for you (THAT’S MY FAVORITE PART).  You’ll succeed nicely in the next cycle of Vintage Las Vegas Real Estate.

The process is the same way out there in the suburbs and everywhere in between. Though I totally focus myself on “Very Vintage Vegas”, I have excellent agent friends who know the suburbs like I know Vintage Vegas. Brad, who you’ll find by clicking the previous link is one such agent/expert in the Silverado Ranch area.  Please let him know you found him on!

Out in the suburbs there’s plenty of deals priced like it was 2004. There’s plenty of very nice homes at 2005 prices. And there’s plenty of homes that are beautiful! (in a suburban way), or still have a cool hip, interesting, fun, carefree, well built or very well maintained aspect to them, (even if they’re in Summerlin or Green Valley). Out in the suburbs, it’s just like it is in Vintage Vegas.

Except of course, we have big trees on big lots. Our neighbors don’t hear our toilets flush. We only drive 10 minutes to work or to the airport or to the University. Our homes don’t look just like our neighbor’s, and we have to spend money to modernize the homes unless we buy one that is already modernized. I can help to set you up with one of our suburban agents also, if you’re inclined to be looking in the suburbs.

No matter which category you are (Pecker, Banger, or Knocker); we invite you to contact us.