Worst MLS Photo Of The Day – Realtors Do Not Have To Be Professional Photographers

693054_401_18No, we don’t have to be professional photographers. We don’t have special cameras, or extra flashes or extra wide angle lenses, or or all the stuff that the pros carry. And we certainly don’t have to become adept at using PhotoShop, which is probably the most complicated program I’ve ever failed to completely master.  But we do need to look in the view finder and see what it is we’re actually pointing the camera at.

In an otherwise nice looking kitchen, (no clutter, no dishes in the sink, the lines of the walls are relatively straight, etc) it really shouldn’t have been that hard to pull the trash can off the counter, move 2 of the chairs our of the picture, (or at least straighten them up). As we’ve all seen a whole lot worse than this, I’m really just using this one as a teaching tool.